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Cream Teas in Bampton Churchyard

The Bellringers invited residents of Bampton to join them for cream teas during one of the hottest days in August. Tables were set in the shade of the Yew tree, teas served from the West door and tables set with interesting items for sale under the shade of the Maple tree. This was an excellent chance for Bampton folk to meet with the bellringers, hear about bellringing and for the Bellringers to raise 470 towards the TRC. The Troyte Ringing Centre raises money to keep the bells in good order, invest in the future and to contribute to the costs of the Church.

August 10 2022 - Volunteers and customers at the sales stalls - photo by Jessie Jones

Jeffrey Knipe: 1949 - 2022  R.I.P.

Jeffrey died at home after a very short illness on Sunday 30 January 2022. He had been under the weather for some time, for longer than most of us knew. But the weather continued to get worse until a week in hospital was needed during early January 2022, followed by a programme of palliative care.

Jeff had been a key member of the Troyte Ringing Centre peal band for almost exactly 17 years. His first peal at Huntsham was on 22 December 2004 (peal no 19 in this tower) and his last was on 16 December 2021 (peal no 603 in the tower). He was an extremely competent ringer making very few method errors. Perhaps five or six peals passing between small almost un-noticed trips. He was always a very welcome and reliable member of the band. He was also a competent conductor and seemed to really enjoy conducting Grandsire on any number of bells.

However Jeffrey had other skills. Peal ringing at Huntsham contains a strong social element - usually a pub lunch at The Redwoods in Uplowman, or a cooked breakfast there, if the peal failed early enough! Conversation formed a big part of these occasions and Jeffrey was excellent at introducing topics into conversation that he knew would generate animated discussion amongst those present. Sometimes the conversation became very animated and after lunch those lunching at adjacent tables received an apology. We need not have worried too much because we discovered some came to lunch at The Redwoods on Thursdays to listen to the conversations of these strange people who spent so much time ringing tower bells.

Shepton Beauchamp was his home tower. Jeff did much for this church, its tower and its bells. This excellent light ring of twelve bells, for which Jeff did so much, will sound out their message in his memory for years to come.

Jeffrey loved his family, especially his grand children and it was wonderful that he could spend time with his wife, his children and grandchildren during his final period of bad weather.

Jeffrey will be missed by many. His contribution to the Troyte Ringing Centre peal band has been enormous and he will be irreplaceable.

Rest in Peace Jeff and Rise in Glory.

500 Peals on Huntsham Bells for Mike Hatchett

Congratulations to Mike Hatchett.  On Thursday 13th January 2022 he rang his 500th peal on the bells at Huntsham. The peal band are detailed below:

Guild of Devonshire Ringers
Thursday, 13 January 2022 in 2hr:39min
5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Composed by Robert D S Brown

1 Peter L Bill
2 Frederick J Sage
3 Rev Christopher Renyard
4 Richard H Johnston
5 Michael Hatchett
6 R Nicholas Lawrence
7 James Kirkcaldy
8 Robert D S Brown (C)

Mike Hatchett's 500th peal on the bells

Bellboard Link

Ken Smith

600 Peals at Huntsham

Congratulations to all the peal ringers at Huntsham.  On Thursday 18th November 2021 the 600th peal was rung on bells at Huntsham. The 600th peal band are detailed below:

Dorset County Association
Thursday, 18 November 2021 in 2hr:37min
5004 Back Se Fore Alliance Major
Composed by Robert D S Brown

1 Michael Hatchett
2 Jeffrey Knipe
3 David Hird
4 R Nicholas Lawrence
5 Lesley A Knipe
6 Rev Christopher Renyard
7 James Kirkcaldy
8 Robert D S Brown (C)

The 600th peal on the bells

First Peal in the Method
Back se fore Alliance Major
Place notation-38-14-56-36-34-18-34-56-78,12
Leadhead d 18674523
FCH Groups BDa

Ken Smith

Teddy Bear Parachuting 2021

Back in action after 2 years the Troyte Ringing Centre were back in action on August Bank Holiday raising money for Christian Aid. Bellringers from Bampton & Tiverton entertained their audience of young, and not so young, bear owners by launching their well loved teddies from Bampton tower. Queues of teddies lined up on the tables waiting to have their parachutes attached. Taken two by two up to the top of the tower, in a basket, to be launched from the top one at a time. The weather was kind, with a breeze from the NE which meant only one casualty falling into a nearby tree. From past experience the ringers retrieved him by means of a line from the top of the tower and he was sent off for a second attempt. More than 50 certificates for bravery were issued and all went away happy.


Top of the tower launching the teddies - Mike Hatchett and Mike Ward

Ground staff helpers - Carla Dawes, Ann Barrow, Jenny Jones, Jess, Fergus and Les Boyce

Sheila Scofield
Photographs Sheila Scofield and Mike Ward (top of the tower)

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