Troyte Ringing Centre
Registered Charity Number 1179374
Huntsham Bell & Tower Project - 2004

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Funding Details

Private Donations 17,006.52
Legacy 12,000.00
Reclaim of Gift Aid - Inland Revenue 6,004.81
Various Events 4,655.05
Presidents' Bell Donations 3,500.10
Clock Electrification Donation 3,000.00
Devon Church Bell Restoration Fund 3,000.00
Troyte Bell Shares 2,255.00
Corporate Donations 2,180.00
The Heathcoat Trust 2,000.00
Bank Interest 1,774.87
Huntsham Funerals 1,606.79
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers 1,000.00
Esmee Fairbairn Foundation 1,000.00
Huntsham Society of Change Ringers 1,000.00
The Manifold Trust 1,000.00
The Viscount Amory Charitable Trust 1,000.00
Devon Guild of Ringers - N.E. Branch 750.00
Mid Devon District Council 500.00
Sponsored Walks 483.00
Sale of Clappers etc. 455.00
Tower Donations 225.00
Huntsham Weddings 179.00
Sale of Tea Towels 162.00
Dorothy L. Sayers Society 140.00
The Mills Charity 100.00
Sale of Christmas Cards 40.40
Huntsham Christenings 40.00
TOTAL 67,057.54
Whitechapel Bell Foundry 50,023.65
Smiths of Derby - Clock Engineers 5,600.00
Sound Solutions - Sound Control 4,155.00
T.G. Roofing Ltd. 2,993.00
MRJ Electrical 1,651.39
F.R. Reeve - Church Inspector 916.50
TOTAL 65,339.54
Surplus of Income over Expenditure:-  
Transferred to Troyte Ringing Centre 1,718.00