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Moving on from Plain Bob Doubles

This April I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take part in a Troyte Ringing Centre short course called Moving on from Plain Bob Doubles. The idea was to introduce learners who were comfortable with ringing a touch of P.B.D. to St Simon’s Bob Doubles and friends. The course consisting of a theory session followed by a practical ringing session.

Thursday afternoon I met with my fellow Iearners, Magot, Carla, Paul and Jack in the very comfortable and pleasant Library and Resource Centre in Brampton. Immediately made to feel at home by our trainers, Les Boyce and Mike Hatchett, with tea, coffee and a plentiful supply of biscuits. We were presented with very professional and comprehensive learning packs from which we were able to grasp the theory of the method, and the two hour session flew by. I think we were all very surprised to learn just how many friends St Simon’s had, not realising he was such a popular chap, and there was a moment of panic about just how many of these friends we would be trying to ring. We were quickly reassured that the object of the practical session was to ring a plain course of St Simon’s and his best friends, St Martin’s, St Osmund, and Eynesbury.

Two days later we were all met up again with several lovely helpers at Huntsham Church to see how much of the four methods we had managed to absorb. There was many ups and downs as you would expect, but there was plenty of time, support and encouragement for everyone to have a go at all four methods and in the end our trainers were very happy with our first attempts. The session ended with a pleasant lunch provided by Sheila Scofield and a time to relax and chat. To continue to improve it was agreed that the group would arrange further practical sessions in the near future at Huntsham

Group photo of trainees at Huntsham Church April 2023

This course was a very good and fun way to explore new methods and I would certainly recommend it to any learner wishing to move on from PBD. It certainly gave me a big boost to be able say I now know four new methods as I left Huntsham church that afternoon with a smile on my face and the feeling of real achievement.

Moira Bell, St Peter’s Tiverton

Cadbury Ringers learning to raise & lower in peal

Having recently had the bells re-hung, the band approached the Troyte Ringing Centre for some support in Raising & Lowering the bells in peal. Having had to cancel the date in December, due to snow, we were able to meet the request on Saturday 25th February. On a cold, yet sunny, morning in a church which has yet to raise further funds, this time for heating, seven members of the band were supported by six helpers from other towers.

Beginning the session with raising 4 bells, one student in at a time, tips and hints on improving performance along with video clips from the ART Raising & Lowering DVD, all progressed on to ringing all 6 bells with two or three students in at a time, the morning soon flew by. All made significant gains in understanding & performance.

Thanks to Gordon and his wife, Chris, for a warm welcome and time to catch up over lunch at Cadbury House.

The group photo in Cadbury Church around the font - 25th February 2023    Photo: Shiela Scofield

Sheila Scofield

Parachuting Teddies 2022

Reproduced from the September '22 issue of Ringing Round Devon

Cream Teas in Bampton Churchyard

The Bellringers invited residents of Bampton to join them for cream teas during one of the hottest days in August. Tables were set in the shade of the Yew tree, teas served from the West door and tables set with interesting items for sale under the shade of the Maple tree. This was an excellent chance for Bampton folk to meet with the bellringers, hear about bellringing and for the Bellringers to raise £470 towards the TRC. The Troyte Ringing Centre raises money to keep the bells in good order, invest in the future and to contribute to the costs of the Church.

August 10 2022 - Volunteers and customers at the sales stalls -photo by Jessie Jones

Jeffrey Knipe: 1949 - 2022  R.I.P.

Jeffrey died at home after a very short illness on Sunday 30 January 2022. He had been under the weather for some time, for longer than most of us knew. But the weather continued to get worse until a week in hospital was needed during early January 2022, followed by a programme of palliative care.

Jeff had been a key member of the Troyte Ringing Centre peal band for almost exactly 17 years. His first peal at Huntsham was on 22 December 2004 (peal no 19 in this tower) and his last was on 16 December 2021 (peal no 603 in the tower). He was an extremely competent ringer making very few method errors. Perhaps five or six peals passing between small almost un-noticed trips. He was always a very welcome and reliable member of the band. He was also a competent conductor and seemed to really enjoy conducting Grandsire on any number of bells.

However Jeffrey had other skills. Peal ringing at Huntsham contains a strong social element - usually a pub lunch at The Redwoods in Uplowman, or a cooked breakfast there, if the peal failed early enough! Conversation formed a big part of these occasions and Jeffrey was excellent at introducing topics into conversation that he knew would generate animated discussion amongst those present. Sometimes the conversation became very animated and after lunch those lunching at adjacent tables received an apology. We need not have worried too much because we discovered some came to lunch at The Redwoods on Thursdays to listen to the conversations of these strange people who spent so much time ringing tower bells.

Shepton Beauchamp was his home tower. Jeff did much for this church, its tower and its bells. This excellent light ring of twelve bells, for which Jeff did so much, will sound out their message in his memory for years to come.

Jeffrey loved his family, especially his grand children and it was wonderful that he could spend time with his wife, his children and grandchildren during his final period of bad weather.

Jeffrey will be missed by many. His contribution to the Troyte Ringing Centre peal band has been enormous and he will be irreplaceable.

Rest in Peace Jeff and Rise in Glory.

500 Peals on Huntsham Bells for Mike Hatchett

Congratulations to Mike Hatchett.  On Thursday 13th January 2022 he rang his 500th peal on the bells at Huntsham. The peal band are detailed below:

Guild of Devonshire Ringers
Thursday, 13 January 2022 in 2hr:39min
5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Composed by Robert D S Brown

1 Peter L Bill
2 Frederick J Sage
3 Rev Christopher Renyard
4 Richard H Johnston
5 Michael Hatchett
6 R Nicholas Lawrence
7 James Kirkcaldy
8 Robert D S Brown (C)

Mike Hatchett's 500th peal on the bells

Bellboard Link

Ken Smith

Teddy Bear Parachuting 2021

Back in action after 2 years the Troyte Ringing Centre were back in action on August Bank Holiday raising money for Christian Aid. Bellringers from Bampton & Tiverton entertained their audience of young, and not so young, bear owners by launching their well loved teddies from Bampton tower. Queues of teddies lined up on the tables waiting to have their parachutes attached. Taken two by two up to the top of the tower, in a basket, to be launched from the top one at a time. The weather was kind, with a breeze from the NE which meant only one casualty falling into a nearby tree. From past experience the ringers retrieved him by means of a line from the top of the tower and he was sent off for a second attempt. More than 50 certificates for bravery were issued and all went away happy.


Top of the tower launching the teddies - Mike Hatchett and Mike Ward

Ground staff helpers - Carla Dawes, Ann Barrow, Jenny Jones, Jess, Fergus and Les Boyce

Sheila Scofield
Photographs Sheila Scofield and Mike Ward (top of the tower)

600 Peals at Huntsham

Congratulations to all the peal ringers at Huntsham.  On Thursday 18th November 2021 the 600th peal was rung on bells at Huntsham. The 600th peal band are detailed below:

Dorset County Association
Thursday, 18 November 2021 in 2hr:37min
5004 Back Se Fore Alliance Major
Composed by Robert D S Brown

1 Michael Hatchett
2 Jeffrey Knipe
3 David Hird
4 R Nicholas Lawrence
5 Lesley A Knipe
6 Rev Christopher Renyard
7 James Kirkcaldy
8 Robert D S Brown (C)

The 600th peal on the bells

First Peal in the Method
Back se fore Alliance Major
Place notation-38-14-56-36-34-18-34-56-78,12
Leadhead d 18674523
FCH Groups BDa

Ken Smith

Teddy Bear Parachuting Back by Popular Demand!

If you go down to the Church today
You’re sure of a big surprise
If you go down to the Church today
You’d better go in disguise!

For every bear that ever there was
Will gather there for certain
Because today’s the day the
Teddy Bears have their big jump!

It seemed like the whole of Bampton turned out in force to make sure the Teddy Bear parachuting was a great success this year. In time honoured tradition Garfield was the first bear to have a go followed by all the other brave bears of Bampton including a crocodile, an Elsa doll, Paddington bear, a fluffy bat and a vintage bear (don’t think it was a Steiff!) Each bear was awarded a Certificate of Bravery and went home triumphant. Cream teas were available in the church and despite busy bakers having made 8 dozen scones the cream teas sold out. There was also a quiz with questions about the Church. The weather was kind to us and we enjoyed the sunshine. The event raised £298.53. This will form part of the Troyte Ringing Centre donation to the Bampton Church Fabric Fund. But perhaps more importantly, a lot of fun was had by all.

One brave Teddy in flight and then safely down.

View from above and one Ted got stuck on the roof. Here is the rescue operation captured on camera.

We were all wearing our new Troyte Ringing Centre Hi Viz jackets.
Here is Mike Ward our Bampton Steeplekeeper modelling the jacket.

Mandy Burnett

Replacing the Bampton Clapper

I have prepared a photo essay showing the Replacement of Tenor Clapper at Bampton, that can be downloaded in PDF format HERE.

Jack Ward

500 Peals at Huntsham

Congratulations to all the peal ringers at Huntsham.  On 17th May 2018 the 500th peal was rung on bells at Huntsham. The 500th peal band are detailed below:

Guild of Devonshire Ringers
Thursday, 17 May 2018 in 2hr:44min
5040 Surprise Minor (7 Methods)
One extent each :- London, Ipswich, York, Durham, Beverley, Surfleet, Cambridge

1 Mervyn C Way
2 Jane C Spencer
3 Lynne P Hughes
4 Richard H Johnston
5 Michael R Spencer
6 Donald B Carter (C)

The 500th peal on the bells
25th this year - 6
75th together - 5 & 6
Rung as a 70th birthday compliment to Richard Johnston

Ken Smith

100 "Castle" Peals Completed

Congratulations to all the peal ringers that have taken part in the "Great Western Castle Class Locomotives Peal Project", which was 100 peals rung to commemorate, as the name suggests, the GWR Castle Class of locomotives.

Most of the peals have been rung at Huntsham, however on 29th September 2018 the 100th peal, "5057 Earl Waldegrave Surprise Major", was rung at St Mary Magdalene church, Chewton Mendip. The Waldegrave family seat is Chewton House, near Chewton Mendip.

The 100th "Castle" peal band are detailed below:

Full details of the Great Western Castle Class Locomotives Peal Project can be found here.

5057 Earl Waldegrave Surprise Major
Composed by Charles Middleton arranged by Robert D S Brown

1 Thomas R Garrett
2 Barrie Hendry
3 Lesley A Knipe
4 Rev Christopher Renyard
5 Andrew H Ball
6 Jeffrey Knipe
7 Robert D S Brown (C)
8 Timothy F Collins

First Peal in the method Earl Waldegrave Surprise Major
Leadhead b 15738264
FCH Groups BDc

Remembering Great Western Castle Class Locomotive No 5057 Earl Waldegrave Originally built as Penrice Castle, June 1936. First shed allocation Newton Abbot. Renamed October 1937. Double chimney and 4 row super heater fitted July 1958. Last shed allocation Old Oak Common. Withdrawn March 1964 and scrapped.

This now completes the Great Western Castle Class Series with all locomotives from 5000 Launceston Castle to 5099 Compton Castle having been rung to the length of the engine number . The ringers of 3, 6 ,7 and 8 have personally completed the series.

The band would like to associate the peal with the late John Cornelius of Shepton Beauchamp whose article in the ringing world “Railway Reveries” was part of the inspiration to undertake this series.

Ken Smith

Ringing Remembers

Huntsham ring in Remembrance, 11th November 2018

Sheila Scofield

Tiverton, St Peter's celebrate 150 years of bellringing

The Band who rang in 2018: Tim Bayton, Catherine Thorpe, Sheila Scofield, Matthew Weighell,
Les Boyce, Mark Heritage, Charlotte Boyce. John Martin, taking the photo, was the 8th ringer
(Image: John Martin)

Bells have rung out over Tiverton in celebration of the 150 anniversary of bellringing in the town.

Although bells had been rung at St. Peter’s since Tudor times, by the mid-19 century the existing ring of eight bells had fallen into disrepair and one bell was badly cracked. Under the leadership of Col. Charles Troyte of Huntsham Court a new group of ringers, the St Peter’s Society of Change Ringers, was formed in November 1867 to put the bells into good order and to ring regularly for services.

After a year of restoration work an “Inauguration Festival” of ringing was held in November 1868. This culminated in a peal rung by the St Stephens Ringers from Bristol which consisted of 5040 changes of Grandsire Triples, taking nearly three hours of continuous performance.

To mark the 150 anniversary of that first “scientific” peal at St Peter’s and the end of the 150 year of the Society, a band consisting of four resident members and four invited ringers met at St Peter’s on Saturday November 24 to ring a similar peal of Grandsire Triples.

Les Boyce, a member of the Tiverton bellringers said: “5040 is the maximum number of different changes which can be rung on seven changing bells without any repetition. Ringing without a break and following the method’s pattern from memory, this was a significant challenge for several members of the band.

“However, the piece was performed with good striking throughout and completed in 3 hours and 22 minutes – a remarkable feat of mental and physical endurance.”

Reproduced from

Mike Hatchett celebrates his 2000th Peal

On Thursday, 17 January 2019, with a peal of Yorkshire Surprise Major, rung at Huntsham, Devon, Mike Hatchett achieved his 2000th peal, sixty-six years plus after his first. Although he has lived in Devon in this millennium, he was formerly a resident member of the Oxford Diocesan Guild, with whom he rang his early peals. His first peal was rung at Horton, Bucks in August 1952. Mike rang his 1000th peal in June 2008 at Wonston, Hants.

Bath & Wells Diocesan Association
Huntsham, Devon
All Saints
Thursday, 17 January 2019 in 2h 51 (8–0–27 in A♭)
5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Composed by R D S Brown

1 Jane C Spencer
2 Lesley A Knipe
3 Rev Christopher Renyard
4 Richard H Johnston
5 Michael Hatchett
6 R Nicholas Lawrence
7 Michael R Spencer
8 Jeffrey Knipe (C)

2000th peal for Michael Hatchett

Ken Smith

Certificates for our RINGING REMEMBERS Recruits

Here is Nano receiving his Level 2 Learning the Ropes Certificate. Nano has been ringing for 1 year and is making great strides. He is a helper at the Bampton after school Bell Club and comes to practice nights at both Huntsham and Bampton. Now he has his Level 2 he says he will come to more Sunday Service ringing and will soon be ringing at his first wedding. I am extra proud as he is my first Learner. Well done Nano!

Our Troyte Ringing Centre adult learners have achieved Level 1 Learning the Ropes. Bridget and Steve have been having lessons on the Bampton Practice bell with Mike and Pat Hatchett and they regularly come to Thursday practice nights at Bampton. Last week we all enjoyed some call changes at backstroke. Well done Steve and Bridget!

Mandy Burnett