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The Following Performances Commemorate World War I Centenaries

The following Devonshire ringers died between 24 and 26 September 1915:

Lieutenant William Douglas James of Plymouth and Master of the Cambridge University Guild in
1912 and 1913 who died on 24/09/1915 age 23
Private John William Allen of Aylesbeare who died on 25/09/1915 age 37
Private Arthur Thomas Gooding of Halberton who died on 25/09/1915 age 30
Lance Corporal Percival Fred Knapman of Dunsford who died on 25/09/1915 age 18
Lance Corporal Percy Richards of Dunsford who died on 25/09/1915 age 18
Private William Woollacott of Kennford who died on 25/09/1915 age 28
Lance Corporal Ernest John Ash of Harpford who died on 26/09/1915 age 32

The following performances are here recorded:

Halberton, Devon 23 Sept. Two peals of 60 on 3rds Devon call changes were rung as follows:
Peal one: Catherine G. Thorpe (c) 1, Jane Andrews 2, Dermot Elworthy 3, David Sprague 4, Darren
Brice 5, Graeme Cottrell 6.

Peal two: Catherine G. Thorpe (c) 1, David Smith 2, Jane Andrews 3, David Sprague 4, Graeme Cottrell
5, Darren Brice 6. Both peal rung with the bells open.

Bampton, Devon 25 Sept. 1260 Plain Bob Doubles Catherine G. Thorpe (Halberton) 1, Sheila Scofield
(Bampton) 2, Mark Heritage (Tiverton) Ex WO1 (SSM) 3, Richard Barker (Holcombe Rogus) 4, Michael
Hatchett (c) (Huntsham) 5, Commander Jack Ward OBE (Bampton) 6. Rung with the bells half muffled.

Rest eternal grant unto them O Lord, and may light perpetual shine upon them.














Congratulations All Round

Jess and Fergus from the After School Bell Club received their certificates at a School Assembly in September, from teachers Sheila Scofield & Les Boyce.

Our trio of adult learners are seen showing their awards presented in the tower in Autumn. Peter Vincent and Jeannie Byham achieved level 1 certificates in September.

Mandy Burnett gained the Guild Certificate (ringing the treble to 120 changes) in August. Mandy achieved level 2 in April and level 3 in September. She is seen at the Branch AGM being presented with the level 3 certificate by the Guild Ringing Master Geoff Hill.

Sheila Scofield

Bampton After School Club ring for their Easter Service

The Bampton After School Club has been running since January 2015. Jess and Fergus have been ringing from the start and have recently both achieved level 2 on the ART Scheme, Learning the Ropes. Flo and Red, who joined the Club in September, are one target away from achieving level 1 at the time of writing. During term time we ring at Bampton using the practice bell and with open ringing on the front bells. During the School holidays we meet at Huntsham to ring the lighter bells to practice 6 & 8 bell ringing, with thanks due to members of Tiverton & Bampton who support the young band.

From its beginning we have aimed to ring for the termly School Services at St Michael's, Bampton albeit initially ringing backstrokes only to rounds. The service this term happened to be in Holy Week, traditionally when we did not ring. We decided to compromise and practiced on Monday with the bells half muffled to get used to the different sound. The Service ringing was very successful with compliments from the Congregation & the Bampton adult band, with two young ringers in at a time ringing either call changes or Kaleidoscope work. Our two more experienced ringers now ring for services every month at Huntsham and Red & Flo are about to join us for Sunday ringing in Bampton.

Sheila Scofield

TRC Young Ringers join the Guild Young Ringers in Exeter

TRC Young ringers joined the Guild Young ringers in Exeter. They had their first opportunity to meet with the Cathedral School young ringers and try their hand at the Denmish ring.

Sheila Scofield

Mandy Learns the Ropes

Mandy Burnett achieved level 4 on the Learning the Ropes Scheme in May. Mandy started ringing in August 2014 at Bampton. She rings regularly at Bampton, Huntsham, St Peter's, Tiverton and around the NE Branch and also helps Sheila & Les with the After School Bell Club at Bampton. When work takes her to Leeds she rings around the location with friends which has added to her progress. To achieve the final target for level 4 she rang Plain Bob Doubles on an inside bell.

Sheila Scofield

Man and Boy

Congratulations to Mike Hatchett on 65 years of Peal ringing his first peal being at Horton Berkshire on the 26th August 1952. Mike rang his 1000th peal in June 2008, and by my guesstimate Mike must have rung around to 1270 peals to date.

Ken Smith